Eco-Adventure Camp COVID-19 Plan

Mt Seymour Eco-Adventure Camps will be operating this summer and we are being as innovative as possible to make this happen. As a team, we have been working diligently to adapt our camp programming and operational plans to meet or exceed the anticipated health and safety guidelines being developed by government agencies and health professionals. If it is necessary to cancel any part of Eco-Adventure Camp this summer due to a resurgence or outbreak of COVID-19, we will contact parents immediately and offer full "no hassle" credits and/or refunds without fees.

While we anticipate further guidance and details from Health Authorities, we are already making plans for a heightened level of health and safety at Mt Seymour Eco-Adventure Summer camp. These include:

  • A temporary reduction in group to Instructor ratios, from 1:7 to 1:5 

  • Physical distancing of children & individual class groups

  • Each group will have their own separate indoor space to support physical separation, further to that we will define specific spaces for individual campers within each home-room

  • High contact activities and games have been removed from Eco-Adventure Camp programming

  • Signage and communication at camp regarding social distancing and hand hygiene

  • Campers stay together in their small group for the week (no swapping or mixing groups) 

  • Groups are assigned to a pair of instructors for the week

  • No non-essential visitors allowed into camp home rooms

  • Strict "no sharing" policies for food & personal items

  • Provided lunch service suspended, if you purchased a lunch from us you will receive a refund. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment provides protection for those times that physical distancing cannot be maintained

  • If a camper requires close contact/support, PPE has been identified by health officials as suitable mitigation for this situation. This is a similar approach being used by barbers, hairstylists and any other personal service that requires close proximity between worker and customer. Also note that staff are advised to limit physical contact with children


Personal Protective Equipment as recommended by health authorities

  • Our ultimate goal is to provide safe and healthy camps and still allow staff to have a positive engagement with campers. We will be following the guidelines of our regional health authority with regards to the use of PPE (face coverings in particular) for those times physical distancing is not possible

  • Our current expectation is that PPE will be required for our staff at camp. Staff will have a choice of supplying their own or it will be provided for them

  • We have “distancing” plans in place for campers who ride our shuttle (see “Buses” below) but as an extra step we will also implement a policy similar to airlines where passengers are expected to provide and wear a non medical face covering while riding the bus 

  • If PPE is mandated to be worn by children at camps by the health authority, we will ask that a personal, comfortable, face covering be sent to camp for the child

  • If PPE for children is not mandated by health officials, parents may make their own decision of whether to send masks for their children to wear at camp or not

  • Staff will be outfitted with multiple camp uniforms, facilitating frequent cleaning

  • Staff will be carrying hand sanitizer with them at all times and will be used frequently throughout the day including upon arrival to work, before and after breaks and/or eating, after using the washroom facilities and before and after use of group tools/equipment.


Enhanced hand washing protocols & facility cleaning

  • Hand sanitizer – will be available to all staff and campers at all times

  • Instructions for campers and staff on how to cover mouth/no touching of face

  • Washing of hands will be required before any snack or meal breaks and as a normal part of any bathroom breaks. 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer will be provided when soap and running water is not readily available (on trail) 

  • We have hand sanitizer stations throughout our facilities

  • We will ensure daily cleaning of home rooms, and regular use of lysol wipes on toilets, door handles, sinks, vehicles, and other high touch surfaces


Adjustments to our program equipment procedures to limit cross-contact

  • Regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces

  • Sharing of equipment and program aids between campers will be kept to a minimum, we will be separating out any used equipment for cleaning during each camp day and it will not be allowed for use until cleaned

  • Cleaning of equipment will be as per health guidelines utilizing approved sanitizing products


Camper and Staff Health 

  • Daily screening questions for every camper when they are being signed in

  • Daily health screening questions and temperature check for staff

  • If Campers, Staff or someone in their household have the symptoms of a cold, flu, or COVID-19, including a cough, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, or fatigue, they must stay at home!

  • Staff and participants at higher risk of experiencing severe illness  (because they have compromised immune systems, or underlying chronic medical conditions) should not be taking part in camp activities. This group should properly inform themselves of risk, assess their own risk-tolerance, and think through extra precautions they may wish to take over the coming months

  • Scrapes and bruises are not uncommon at camp. Our staff have first aid training and will use their best judgement to balance the need for treatment and emotional support, with the need to limit close contact. If the child is able and willing, with guidance from the first aid attendant, the child will be coached through self administered first aid such as cleaning and bandaging a wound. All first aid response procedures have been adapted in accordance with our Medical Direction (Peak Emergency Response Training) during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  • If the child can’t self-treat the first aid attendant and the patient will don the appropriate PPE for the situation and begin treatment. 


Friend pairings (within groups at camp) 

  • With reduced group sizes this year it is going to be a challenge to accommodate all friend pairings, we will do our best to accommodate all requests. 

  • Groups will be finalized the Tuesday before each camp starts

  • Swapping to another group after camps have started may not be possible 

  • Most of you will have indicated pairings when signing up but if you wish to make any changes do so via this questionnaire linked HERE (the same form is linked below if you want to keep reading) 



  • Additional supervised buses will be added where necessary in order to aid physical distancing

  • Campers and staff riding the bus will be required to wear a non medical face covering for the duration of the journey 

  • Bus cleaning frequency has been increased

  • Campers will be one per bench/seat (unless sharing is requested) 

  • Campers will be assigned the same seat everyday, we will mark their names on the window, remind your campers to look out for their name

  • Where it’s necessary to have two buses at one stop (mostly East Vancouver) the buses will be marked clearly on the front window “BUS 1, A-J” and “BUS 2, K-Z” the letters may vary week to week but will correspond to the first letter of your campers last name. Where you have told us that campers can share a seat and their last names indicate they should be on different busses, they will be on “BUS 1” 

  • Due to the nature of these new protocols, there will be no swapping of buses or bus pickup/drop off locations, you can however pick up and drop off on Mt Seymour if requested in advance. For example you cannot drop off at East Van then pick up at Parkgate as these are different buses, but you can drop off at East Van and pick up at Mt Seymour 

  • These additional buses come with a cost at a time when we are also reducing camper numbers, so we ask that you please let us know if you have campers comfortable sharing a seat with each other (a family member or a friend already in the campers “bubble” should be sharing a seat where possible) please let us know by filling in the questionnaire linked HERE

Contactless sign-in and sign-out procedures

In previous years, you (or people you authorised) signed your child in/out by initialing our sign in sheet. This year will be slightly different. Please allow for a little extra time as we work through this together

          For drop off 

  • One of our staff will ask your camper’s name then will then find them on our list

  • Next as mandated by the Province our staff will ask routine COVID-19 screening questions

  • Your camper will get a squirt of hand sanitizer and hop on the bus or into their home-room for an awesome day at camp!

  • Parents and Guardians will also be expected to abide by guidelines during drop off regarding distancing

          For pickup

  • Please find a member of Mt Seymour staff holding a sign out clipboard

  • They will ask your camper’s name

  • They will then ask your name to insure that you are one of the listed “authorised pickups” 

  • Next they will call your camper off the bus or out of their homeroom for you

  • Parents and Guardians will also be expected to abide by guidelines during pick up regarding distancing

Rainy day plans  

  • As in previous years Eco-Adventure Camps run rain or shine

  • We will be keep an eye on hourly precipitation forecasts to limit the campers indoor time to protect them from the worst of the weather

  • Any indoor time will be spent taking part in activities that reduce the need to be close to one another (art’s & crafts, puzzles, riddles, charades etc.) 

  • For weeks where the weather is due to be wet for multiple days, we will hang large tarps/shelters in different spots around the mountain that can easily accommodate a group, this will decrease the amount of time campers will need to spend indoors

  • Please remember to send campers with rain gear, a poncho or jacket + rain pants combo works well

  • Please remember to send a spare set of clothing (all of this will be in the pre camp e-mail packing list)