Mountain Safety

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Eco-adventure Summer Camps


Being our middle age bracket, the Forest Guardians are given the opportunity to learn and explore at a level not suited to the Trailblazers, but not quite as intense as the Mountain Rangers. We aim to teach your camper to revere and respect the living world around them through games and discovery. At every turn we provide opportunities to practice newly learned skills such as how to use a compass or how to hang food safely from bears. A perennial favorite with this group is the hike to Mystery Lake, where “pondology” and the hunt for cool aquatic insects can last for hours.

2022 CAMPS

Week 1 - July 4-8 Mystery Quest $369 $65
Week 2 - July 11-15 Junior Ecologist $369 $65
Week 3 - July 18-22 Survival Challenge $369 $65
Week 4 - July 25-29 Mystery Quest $369 $65
Week 5 - Aug 2-5 (4 days) Junior Ecologist $295 $52
Week 6 - Aug 8-12 Survival Challenge $369 $65
Week 7 - Aug 15-19 Mystery Quest $369 $65
Week 8 - Aug 22-26 Junior Ecologist $369 $65
Week 9 - Aug 29-Sept 2 Survival Challenge $369 $65


Every day is different on the mountain, and we train our instructors on a ton of games, activities and skills to make each day fun, adjustable and engaging for every group. Here is some more of what you may hear about from the kids!

  • Learning edible plants
  • Exploring natural mysteries
  • The best games and activities for each age group
  • Checking out animal tracks
  • Building survival shelters
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Learning earth based crafts, art projects, stories and songs
  • Navigation
  • Pondology (a science unique to Mt Seymour)
  • Hunting for historic cabins
  • Culminating Quests and Challenges