Activities and Age Groups


What we get up to?

We introduce daily themes and activities and offer three different weeks of programming on an alternating schedule. 

Survival Camp: 

Seymour Survival Camp will teach participants the basics of survival, including learning edible plants, building shelters, bear hangs, compass navigation, signalling and much more. On Friday, the groups will be put into a scenario and will need their skills to complete the task at hand.... survive.

Mystery Quest Camp:

Ever wondered why it’s called Mystery Lake or Mystery Peak?

Mt Seymour has lots of unsolved puzzles, that will challenge campers to think outside of the box and get out there to explore our beautiful mountain terrain. Will our campers solve all of the mysteries and crack the codes before this weeklong camp ends?

Junior Ecologist Camp: 

Our Junior Ecologist Camp encourages inquisitive minds to gain a deeper understanding of the natural environment. Looking at the tiniest mountain critters to the largest rock formations found in the park campers will come away with a much deeper understanding and greater connection with our beautiful back yard!

Sea to Sky Camp

Mt Seymour Eco-Adventure camps is partnering with Ocean Ambassadors Canada  for our new Sea to Sky Camp. This eco-conscious camp is for children aged 8-12. Campers time is split between ocean and mountain top, exploring the shoreline and tidal ecosystems on paddleboards and at Mt Seymour. Campers will participate in our Junior Ecologist program getting to know the mountain ecosystem through exploration and play. Available only for two weeks of the summer.

  • Age Group 8-9 will spend 3 fun filled days up on Mt Seymour and 2 days with Ocean Ambassadors Canada exploring our costal waters. 
  • Age Group 10-12 will spend 3 days exploring our costal waters with Ocean Ambassadors Canada and 2 days on Mt Seymour getting to know the mountain's beautiful ecosystems. 

How do the activities differ between age groups?


Every day is different on the mountain, and we train our instructors on a ton of games, activities and skills to make each day fun, adjustable and engaging for every group. Here is some more of what you may hear about from the kids!

  • Learning edible plants
  • Exploring natural mysteries
  • The best games and activities for each age group
  • Checking out animal tracks
  • Building survival shelters
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Learning earth based crafts, art projects, stories and songs
  • Navigation
  • Pondology (a science unique to Mt Seymour)
  • Hunting for historic cabins
  • Culminating Quests and Challenges


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