Snow Tubing



The provincial park day-use program does not apply to Mt Seymour Ski Area guests who have either a reservation or a prepurchased ticket for an activity at the resort.

Our Tube slope is typically open Wednesday-Sunday. School groups gets priority on weekdays, any remaining inventory for weekdays will be released 3 weeks in advance. All tubing tickets must be purchased in advance before heading up the mountain.

The Snow Tube Park guarantees fun and laughter with your friends and family. Besides the thrill of sliding down a hill in one of our specially designed tubes, you're sure to enjoy the easy ride back up by our custom tube tow. Enjoy the best tubing Vancouver has to offer at Mt Seymour!

Situated next to our Snow Tube Park is the Enquist Lodge. The Lodge offers a warm seating area where you can relax by the fireplace, take in the views, or enjoy a light snack in Harold's Cafe. 

Please note: Participants must be 48" (122cm) or taller to use the SnowTube Park. Ski boots are not allowed in the SnowTube Park.

Visit our Hours of Operation page for details on opening hours for the SnowTube Park.


Duration Price (per person)
2 hours $33
Full Season Pass holders* Free
Value Season Pass holders* $24.75

*Season Pass holders are eligible for complimentary or discounted visits, & must pre-book by visiting our pass holder benefits page HERE, or calling 604.986.2261 option 6.

Taxes not included. All products are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Is there a weight limit to tube?
Yes, guests wanting to tube will need to weigh less than 120kg or 264 lbs.

Where can I slide on Mt Seymour?
Sliding is only permitted on designated toboggan slopes during regular hours of operation.  There are two slopes to chose from, both accessed from Parking Lot 2.   All sliders (tobogganers) must have a valid pass.  For information on location and passes, please click on maps and hours.

Why can’t I slide anywhere I want? Mt Seymour is a provincial park right?
For your safety and the safety of others, sliding (tobogganing) is only permitted on the two designated toboggan slopes.  The toboggan slopes are located in the Controlled Recreation Area, operated by Mt Seymour Resorts.

Where can I slide outside of the privately controlled recreation area?
Sliding (tobogganing) is discouraged outside of the Controlled Recreation Area for your safety.  If you are knowledgeable and have the appropriate outdoor  equipment, there are designated backcountry trails located outside the Controlled Recreation Area.  Please see our the map.

Can I take just one run down to see if I like it?
No, we require everyone to slide with a valid pass. All participants must have a valid pass to slide (toboggan).  Please visit (Tobogganing Tubing Area) for more information

How can I purchase a pass?
Passes must be purchased in advance before you visit the mountain and picked up at the Enquist Lodge, located in Parking Lot 2. 

What is the difference between Tubing and Tobogganing?
Tobogganing requires you to bring your own sliding device or purchase one form the Enquist Lodge (inflatables not permitted).  Toboggan slopes are divided into lanes for you to slide down on and once you’ve reached the bottom, using the designated walking paths, you hike to the top with your toboggan.

Snow Tubing includes a custom tube that we provide, and like the toboggan area, there are several lanes to chose from.  Once you reach the bottom, a surface lift will bring you, in your tube, back to the top.

Are there any age restrictions for Tubing and Tobogganing?
There aren’t any age restrictions in the toboggan area.  There is a height requirement for the Snow Tubing Area; 122 cm or 4 ft.

Can I wear ski boots on the tube or toboggan slopes?
We are not able to permit you to use your ski boots while Snow Tubing or Tobogganing.   Ski Boots in the Snow Tube and Toboggan Area do not provide appropriate grip on packed snow surfaces and are slippery and often cause injury.

Please note: Hours of operation are subject to change based on weather conditions. Check out our Today's Conditions & Hours page for current information.

How to snow tube at Mt Seymour