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Season Pass Reservations

Student Eligibility


Mt Seymour offer a discounted Value Season pass for Students 19+ years of age living and studying in Vancouver.

Value Season passes are valid:

Monday-Friday from open to close.

4:30pm to close on weekends & holidays throughout the season.


Student verification documents will be required via email for each season this pass is purchased.

Please take a moment to check you meet the below criteria before you buy...



Are you eligible...

Eligible Not Eligible
Full-time students Part-time students
12+ credits & 3+ classes per week for either the Fall OR Winter semester Less than 12 credits & less than 3 classes per week for either semester
College, University or Trade School Masters, PhD & Graduate programs
Undergraduate Programs, Degrees, Diplomas or Certificates Paid co-op, internships or apprenticeships
Online courses as long as meets the above criteria Paid work placements or residencies 


Snowboard and sunset

Student verification documents...

To activate your Student pass we MUST receive...

  • Your student enrollment letter showing your name, the name of your course/studies, the semester dates enrolled, and full-time status (ie: number of credits)
  • If you do not have access to your enrollment letter, a letter from the school administration showing the above details on letterhead will be accepted.

** A copy of your weekly class schedule for the Fall or Winter semester may be required as further verification, as requested.

Submit your student verification documents to before November 1st to ensure your pass is activated in time for the season!


What if I become ineligible after I have purchased my student pass?

Don't worry!  If your student status changes and you no longer meet the above criteria, you can upgrade to the regular Adult Value Season pass by paying the difference in price.

As per our terms & conditions, season passes are non-refundable and non-transferable once purchased.  An upgrade must be processed before your pass will be activated.

I'm still not sure if my student status meets the criteria?

We get it - there are many different options for students these days!  If you would like to discuss your unique situation before purchasing, please call us on 604-986-2261 (option 6) or email us at

I'm 18 years old & a I need this pass?

Student value season passes are only required for guests 19+ years old. If you will still be 18 years of age on November 1st of the year leading into the season, you can simply buy a Youth Value Season pass.

Youth Value Season passes are for ages 13-18, and are priced at the same student discount rate. 

Bonus: you do not need to submit any verification documents!