The Rockstar "Pit" Terrain Park

The Rockstar "Pit" Terrain Park has evolved as one of the most progressive, creative and fun terrain parks in the region over the past couple of seasons. This skate style jib section, which sees pros and amateurs alike, has over a dozen features regularly rotated and mixed up to provide a constantly changing place to ride and film. Please check back often for updates.

Rockstar Pit Build Update


Flat Shot Gun (L)

Flat Tube (L)

Down Tube (M)

Electrical Box (M)

32 Jam On (L)

Cory P (M)

Rockstar Rainbow Rail (L)

Vans Mailbox (L)

Intuition Down Flat (XL)

Mystery Tube (M)

Wired Flat Bar (L)

Wall Ride (L)

Salmon Arms Rail (XL)

Cary P Hip (L)

32 Down Rail (L)

Down Blue Tube (L)

Flat Blue Tube (M)