Road & Parking Info

The road to Mt Seymour is a mountain highway plowed and sanded during winter. Be aware that weather and road surface conditions change quickly. All vehicles accessing Mt Seymour must be equipped with winter tires in good condition, showing either the peaked mountain/snowflake symbol or M+S

During extreme winter conditions, all wheel drive vehicles with tires marked with the peaked mountain/snowflake symbol are required. These requirements are for your safety and other road users.

If your vehicle is not suitable for the driving conditions and without appropriate tires for the conditions, Mt Seymour’s Traffic Attendants reserve the right to deny access. Alternatively, we recommend using our shuttle bus service.  If you have been denied access and have pre purchased an activity, apply for a refund by filling out the claims webform.


Winter Parking Designations

Parking at Mt Seymour is free but we'd rather you use our shuttle bus service to keep cars off the road, money in your pocket and the air a little cleaner. The following parking designations apply during our peak periods on weekends and holidays from December to April, when parking spaces are often in high demand.

Map of winter parking designations at Mt Seymour

  • Mt Seymour Downhill Ski & Snowboard Visitors
    • P2, P3, P4, Upper P5
    • Valid area pass required.
  • Mt Seymour Snowplay (Tube/Toboggan) Visitors
    • P2, Lower P5
    • Valid area pass required.
  • Snowshoe and Backcountry Visitors
    • Lower P5 & P1 with overnight parking permitted in P1.

To assist BC Parks and their visitors, Mt. Seymour Resorts Ltd. has created and maintains a groomed pathway on the west side of the road from Parking Lot 1 to the First Lake/Dog Mountain trailhead. This wide pathway allows backcountry users to safely access the backcountry trails.






Overflow Parking for Mt Seymour Shuttle Bus

  • Parkgate Avenue
  • Indian River Drive
  • Banff Court
  • Anne Macdonald Way