Lost & Found

Please read before filling out the below Lost and Found form.

Mt. Seymour receives a high volume of lost gloves, clothing and goggles and therefore only provides a lost & found service for valuable items (any goggles deemed valuable will be recorded). All clothing items will be held for the week before being taken to the clothing bins, located at the DNV Firehall #4 on Mount Seymour Parkway. It will be the owners responsibility to visit Guest Services and have a look before the end of the week. We do not track gloves and clothing. Personal lunch containers and bottles are thrown out if not claimed at the end of the day.

Valuables such as wallets and ID cards will be turned into the RCMP at the end of the season if not claimed.

Other valuable items such as skis, snowboards, poles, goggles determined valuable, and other equipment will be kept at Guest Services for 2-weeks before being donated to The Mount Seymour United Church thrift store. Thrift store donations are sent on the 1st and 15th of each month, whichever date follows after been kept for the 2-week period

Mount Seymour United Church
1200 Parkgate Avenue

If your item is found, guests will be notified by the contact information you provide on the form. You will not be contacted if your item has not been found.