Determine Your Ability Level


 It is important you determine your ability level prior to booking lessons so our Ski & Snowboard Instructors can ensure that you are placed in the lesson that will be best tailored to your needs.

Use the videos and charts below to determine your ability!




  • Mt Seymour's Ski & Snowboard Instructors evaluate students’ abilities on the first day of multi-day camps and will match up participants with other participants with similar abilities. While it is important to arrive on time for every lesson, it is crucial to be present for Day 1 of any Multi-Day Camp to ensure particpants are placed appropriately. Arriving late can make it challenging for our team to group late comers in the most well suited class.
  • We encourage you to meet with your instructor before or after your lesson or camp to get the best follow up on lesson progress.
  • If you are still unsure of your ability level, and need some guidance, or you have any limitations or disabilities we should be aware of, please contact our Call Centre at 604-986-2261 option 2.


Now that you have determined your ability level, the next step is to find the right lesson for you.  Select your ability level from the list below and follow the links to learn more about the lessons we offer at Mt Seymour.