Backcountry Access & Hiking on Mount Seymour

MOUNTAIN UPDATE: Starting late June until the end of September, Mt Seymour will be continuing the slope enhancement program that will allow us to offer more skiable terrain with less snow. We will also be replacing the power supply to both the Mystery Peak Express and Brockton chair lifts. This project will limit access to Benchlands, summer hiking trails and a number of ski runs.

Goldie, Flower Lake and Perimeter trails are open and accessible by crossing Benchlands at the north end of P4, by the Trailhead Ambassador hut, and walking along the north side of Benchlands to Goldie.

Mystery Lake, Elsay Lake and Pump Peak trails are all open and accessible by entered from the north end of P4 by the Trailhead Ambassador hut.

Day-use permits are not required for Mount Seymour Provincial Park trails including the Seymour Main Trail, Dog Mountain Trail, and Perimeter Trail. 

Parking is available on a first come first served basis. Overnight parking is permitted in parking lot P2.

For more information about Mount Seymour Provincial Park trails, including facilities, access and trail conditions please visit the following links:

BC Parks - Mount Seymour Provincial Park

Sea To Sky Parks - Mount Seymour Provincial Park

Metro Vancouver - Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (including Dog Mountain)

In the winter all trails located within the Provincial Park and outside of the Mt Seymour Ski Area, are maintained and operated either by Sea to Sky Parks (on behalf of BC Parks) or Metro Vancouver. 

In the winter, some trails such as the Goldie Lake, Flower Lake and Mystery Lake trails, fall under the Controlled Recreation Area maintained by Mt Seymour Resorts Ltd. and require the purchase of a valid Area Pass to access.

Trails that fall outside of our Controlled Recreation Area are accesible in the Winter, but may be subject to capacity and parking restrictions.

Backcountry skiers and snowboarders using the Mt Seymour Ski Area ski runs require a valid area pass

Whatever you like to do in the mountains, is the perfect place to start out on your backcountry safety journey, prepare for taking an Avalanche Canada Training course, or just refresh your knowledge.


The mountainous terrain of Mount Seymour Provincial Park can be extremely rugged and unforgiving. Park visitors accessing any of the terrain in this park should be experienced and properly equipped.

Anyone planning to travel overnight or even for just a few hours, should inform a friend or family member of their intended route and anticipated return time.

A good trip planning form and additional information about what to bring on your trip can be found on the AdventureSmart website.