Baby and Me FAQ

How old/young should my baby be?

There is no firm age limit for babies, however as a general guideline, we recommend that babies be at least 8 weeks old and up to 2 years.  Babies younger are difficult to keep warm enough and babies older may not wish to be carried for 90 minutes, or may be too heavy to carry! Having said that, each situation is unique so your excellent parental judgment is required.

How long do we snowshoe for?

90 minutes is scheduled for the snowshoeing portion of the program; however, that includes the time it takes to put on and take off snowshoes. Realistically, actual snowshoe time will be closer to 60-70 minutes but will vary depending on the group.

Is there somewhere to leave my personal belongings while we snowshoe?

You may leave your belongings in the indoor meeting space. Please lock valuables in your vehicle or leave them at home.

Can grandparents/nannies/helpers come?

YES! You are welcome to bring an additional adult. See the rates.

Can I bring my baby and my toddler/child?

The program is for parents and only the baby(ies) you can carry and we will be going at a moderate adult pace. We would encourage you to bring the whole family and rent our toddler-sized snowshoes and explore at your own pace. Children 5 and under get free rentals and trail pass with the purchase of adult rentals! Check our website for details. 

How should I dress myself?

You should dress in layers and avoid cotton clothing.  Once wet, cotton stays wet while drawing heat away from your body and you may work up a sweat snowshoeing while carrying your baby.  A synthetic or wool under layer (polypropylene) would be ideal, which wicks away moisture from your skin and keeps you warm even if you sweat.  Then thin wool or fleece layer(s) on top, depending on how cold it is.  A windproof/waterproof outer layer is recommended to keep you dry from the elements.  Don't forget gloves and a toque! 

What should I wear on my feet?

Warm winter boots that are comfortable to walk in are recommended.  Hiking boots are also good with warm wool or synthetic socks.  Cotton socks will not keep your feet warm, especially if they get wet. 

How should I dress my baby?

Layers are also recommended for your baby so you can adjust to the temperature when you arrive.  Cotton is fine for baby since presumably he/she will not be sweating; however wool or synthetic layers are better. The base layer should be warm and comfortable.  One or two mid-weight fleece or wool layers can go over the base layer, depending on the temperature.  For the outer layer, a wind layer or snowsuit is strongly recommended; however, a series of warm layers will suffice for most weather.  Beware the super-puffy-but-not-so-warm snowsuits! For your baby, we recommend using a trusted, outdoor clothing brand to ensure your baby's warmth. A toque that covers the ears, mitts and warm booties are necessary to keep baby's extremities warm.

What else should I bring?

  • Re-usable water bottle for yourself
  • Prepared formula or baby food as needed (microwave and kettle available)
  • Baby's favourite small toy
  • An extra layer or two for you and baby - always better to bring more than you think you need
  • An adult-sized scarf is great for keeping baby's face covered if it's snowing heavily or sunny
  • Wool adult socks are great to go over baby's hands and feet
  • An extra diaper or two
  • Sun protection (sunglasses for you and baby, hat with visor, lightweight scarf to cover baby's skin)

How should I carry my baby?

There are numerous ways to carry your baby; however, comfort is the most important factor.  Either a front carrier or backpack style carrier would work well.  A front carrier is better for smaller babies so you can share body heat and also see your baby to monitor his/her temperature.  Backpack style carriers with aluminum frames are good although you don't have the advantage of sharing body heat or being able to see your baby.  It is recommended that you carry your baby facing you due to exposure to wind, snow, and sun.  You must be able to carry your baby for at least 90 minutes. We have 3 Ergo baby carriers to loan. If you'd like to borrow one, let us know in advance and we'll reserve one for you at no charge! Thanks to Ergo for the support!

Can I bring a sled to pull my little one?

For safety we do not allow sleds on the snowshoe trails. They are numerous little hills, bridges and some narrow sections that are risky for a sled

What if I have an emergency diaper change on the trail?

Diaper changes will be encouraged before we set out, however accidents can happen at any time!  Not to worry though...our guide will bring along a portable change pad lined with a warm blanket.  

What if I have to feed my baby on the trail?

Our group of parents is a pretty accommodating and patient bunch! We encourage you to feed your baby before we set out, but if you do have to stop and feed your little one, we will all wait together.

What if my baby gets fussy out on the trail?

If your baby needs your attention, the group will stop along the trail while you tend to your baby.  This will give the rest of the group an opportunity to chat about relevant mom issues, or just to appreciate their surroundings!  If your baby becomes so fussy that you wish to end your snowshoe outing, a volunteer guide will escort you back to the Snowshoe Adventure Centre.

What if I fall?

You are unlikely to fall as we provide poles to all parents who wish to use them for added stability. In the event you fall, there is a snowy surface that will break your fall and we will help you get back on your feet!

What if there's a medical emergency on trail?

Our guides are equipped with a high frequency radio and would contact patrol in the event of a medical emergency. Our competent patrollers would be on scene as soon as humanly possible.

What if I’ve never snowshoed before?

Beginners are always welcome! We will take it slower than usual since we will all be carrying our babies with us. The series is designed with a gentle start in mind as new moms are just getting back into shape after giving birth!

Do I have to be super fit to do it?

No! This series is designed for parents to get active with their babies, but it is NOT marathon training! We won't be doing burpees or chin ups on the trail, so if it's the workout of the century you are looking for, this may not be the program for you.

What if I get tired?

You probably WILL get tired! Snowshoeing is physical activity! We will adjust our pace to suit the group's needs. If we're tired, we'll go slower. If we're full of energy, we'll pick up the pace! Keep in mind that we'll always travel as a group, so our pace will only be as fast as the slowest snowshoer.

What if the weather gets bad on the trail?

Mountain weather can be unpredictable. If the weather changes for the worst while out on the trail, your guide will make a decision to end the snowshoe outing if necessary, or to continue on if it's safe. Group comfort levels will be taken into consideration. Note that Mt Seymour's Discovery Trails are in a protected bowl,and are quite sheltered from high winds. Therefore, they can be very pleasant even when the winds are strong.

What if the weather is bad that day?

Before you leave home, please check our website. If the program is cancelled due to inclement weather, it will be mentioned on our website.

Please let us know if you have any other questions! Email or call 604.986.2261. Happy trails!