School group at Mt Seymour in Vancouver

Students in Grades 4-8 receive a FREE SEASON PASS when their school books a four-day Ski & Snowboard Lesson Program. 

Organizing Teacher or PAC Member receives a FREE SEASON PASS when booking a half-day Ski & Snowboard Lesson Program or a full-day Snowshoe + Tube or Toboggan Program.

For over 40 years Mt Seymour has guided students to success in the positive, encouraging and safe environment created by our certified instructors and experienced guides. We are dedicated to building a culture of outdoor recreation by engaging children with their natural environment. Mt Seymour is the ideal classroom - clean mountain air, healthy activities, professional instruction and lasting life skills.

At Mt Seymour we know the challenges and energy it takes to organize a group of students. Our team is ready to assist you with every step of the process. We can send you all the information needed to organize your class, excite your students and assure their parents.

Terms and conditions available upon request.

To find out how we can create a unique experience for your class please contact Chris, our School Accounts Manager, at 604.986.2261 x215 or to make a booking, contact our Schools Registrar at 604-986-2261 x214


Season pass discounts do NOT apply to any school rates