Pro Team

Lucio DM

"Growing up boarding in Calgary, Alberta, had its positives, but I knew I had to move out west. Four years ago I got the opportunity, and upon my arrival riding Mt Seymour was a no-brainer – I haven’t turned my back since."

Instagram: @Lucio_dm


Jasper Fast

"My name is Jasper Fast and I am 20 years old. I've called Mt. Seymour my home for the past 8 years. Seymour is the perfect mountain with a progressive park, chill cruising runs and epic backcountry. I'm stoked to ride for the Team and represent Seymour for years to come."

Instagram: @jasper_fast


Marie France-Roy

“Lover of the snow and the WestCoast! I feel like one of the luckiest person in the World to get to live here and enjoy our beautiful backyard :)”

Instagram: @mariefranceroy


Matt Heneghan

"Originally from St. John’s Newfoundland but having been calling Mt Seymour my home for the last decade. There’s nowhere better to be a snowboarder in the world and I will ride the side hits on upper manning until I can’t ride anymore!! I ride for Dinosaurs Will Die, Salmon Arms, Thirty Two, Union Binding co, Timebomb Trading and Coastal Riders."

Instagram: @mattheneghan


Nic Heringa

"When it comes to snowboarding community and good times, Mt Seymour rules the North Shore! 

Grateful to call this place my home !!"

Sponsors: Salmon Arms, DWD, Timebomb trading, Modest eyewear, Airblaster, Union, 32, Cariboo Brewing, Mt Seymour

Instagram: @corkmcnortis


Dave Joncas

"I grew up in Québec where I learned how to snowboard in cold and icy conditions. I got my first season pass at Mt Seymour in 2008 and rode for the BC development team where my weekend coach was Nic Heringa. Nic tought me everything I know about Mt Seymour from the legends that ride here to the scenic spots I kept seeing in magazines growing up. I am now 21 years old still riding Seymour every day spreading my love for this mountain as much as I can and keeping it rad as can be!"


Mack Jones

Originally hailing from the icy hills of the east coast, Mack Jones started skiing in Canada’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario. After coming up through the slopestyle ranks in which he competed in national and international slopestyle events, he soon relocated to the West Coast to further push his skiing in bigger terrain. Now located in Vancouver, he spends his winters shooting in the streets, parks, and powder throughout British Columbia to create fun video content and enjoy every moment possible on snow! He has shot segments with: Voleurz, PYP, Toy Soldier Productions, 4FRNT, and Legs of Steel.

Instagram: @mackerjones Twitter: @mackjones


Jess Kimura

"Jess Kimura lives in Squamish, BC and spends most of her time adventuring in the sea to sky corridor."

Instagram: @danger_p


Jake Kuzyk

"Professional Snowboarder for K2 and Vans, living locally (East Vancouver) and riding Mt Seymour for the past 7 Years."

Instagram: @jakekuzyk


Blair McKinney

"My name is Blair McKinney and I live in Squamish B.C.. I ride for K2, SkullCandy, VonZipper, Drop, Beaver Wax, Vertra and Mt. Seymour. If I’m not traveling you will  find me up Mt Seymour with the homies."

Instagram: @blair_mckinney