Lunch Options

New for 2018 - Lunch options for $50 per week, to add this to your registration please call T: 604.986.2261 ext. 201

Mealtimes are a special part of the day as we explore the outdoors. Our cooks take the time to prepare wholesome meals with fresh ingredients and local produce. Adventures with special dietary needs are given individual attention and alternative meals.


Our take on bentos is in keeping with the traditional Japanese approach, but we like to mix it up a little with a range of wholesome carbs and plenty of raw, colourful vegetables, plus a protein like chicken, eggs or tofu. Combine these with beautiful, fresh ingredients, and your child’s bento lunch box is guaranteed to taste as good as it looks.

Our cooks choose to use foods that are those in bite-sized pieces that will stay fresh out of the fridge for a few hours – perfect while your explorer is out and about!  We know that planning meals can seem sometimes daunting so why not let us take care of your loved ones while at Mt Seymour.

Feel confident that you child is well looked after when you choose our daily lunch program!


Lunch Box Examples:


Wow Butter and banana tortilla roll ups, cherry tomatoes, celery with cream cheese, strawberries and blueberries, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

Turkey roll-ups, banana chips and dark chocolate chips, string cheese, grapes, fish crackers

Wow Butter and jelly sandwich, homemade chips, fruit salad, cheese, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie



Turkey and cream cheese tortilla roll ups, tortilla chips, blueberries, tomatoes, apples and celery with Wow Butter, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

Turkey and cream cheese roll ups crackers, cucumbers, blueberries, cheese, raisins

Ham and cheese roll ups, gluten free sea salt multi-seed crackers, grapes, red peppers, celery, hummus, colby jack cheese sticks



Chicken salad wrap, raspberries, blueberries, broccoli, radishes, ranch dressing, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie

Pasta salad, raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli, hardboiled egg, granola bites,

Rotisserie chicken with BBQ sauce raspberries, graham crackers, salad, oatmeal chocolate cookie