Group & Corporate Summer Experiences


Team building & group activities at Mt Seymour

Step out of the office, leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, and discover Mt Seymour's mountaintop wonderland, only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Mt Seymour offers programming and team building for corporate groups that can add something extra to your next function, team meeting or corporate experience.

All your hard work and adventuring will work up an appitite so why not combine a day out on Mt Seymour with a catered lunch. We have different catering packages to suit everyone tastes, everything from an outdoor mountain bbq to a lavish 4 course dinner.

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This interactive teambuilding program leads groups through fun, fast–paced, team oriented tasks and challenges out on the trails. Are you prepared to go head to head and come out on top during the Mt Seymour Showdown?


Armed with maps and compasses, teams must work together to collect points by reaching as many checkpoints around the mountain as possible. (all checkpoints set in beautiful locations around Mt Seymour). Will your team aim for all the higher value CPs or will they dash to grab all the easier to get low value CPs? The team that collects the highest value of points wins!


The Discovery Tour is designed to introduce participants to the local environment. Take a walk through our beautiful trails, learn about the flora and the fauna and what it takes to adapt to life on top of the Mountain. This two-hour tour will leave you feeling fresh and more connected to the eco system around you.

MARKET TO TABLE COOKING TRIO (2 HOURS) $59.99/ PER PERSON (30-person minimum to book) 

(Can be done with one hour before outdoor team building prgram with lunch and final discussion enjoyed after outdoor activity. Can also be provided as two-hour class leading directly into meal.

Group is divided into teams of approximately 12-16 people each and will rotate between all 3 stations learning useful skills for everyday cooking.

Salsa Station- Learn how to make 3 different salsas, to be used for lunch. All participants involved in hands on learning to create pieces of the necessary salsas;

Mango Salsa

Pico De Gallo

Corn Salsa

Black Bean and Tomato Salsa

Butchery Station – Learn quick ins and out of breaking down bigger Costco pieces and or small cuts of meats for home use and BBQ. Mostly demonstration but some hands on for approximately 5 people and some people making proper skewers.

Marinating and Grilling Station – All about flavor and grilling. Learn how to maximize flavour for marinating and maybe a small piece on smoking on a BBQ at same time. Hands on in different stations - marinating, some building the fire, some making skewers (Can include vegetable options for vegetarians/vegans)

Class includes Pacific Northwest and Southern Grill lunch, not including beverages.