Eco-Adventure Camp Shuttle

Back by popular demand East Vancouver!

After last year's rave reviews about how handy our East Van stop was, it's back! 

Our shuttle bus saves you time, fuel (it’s a 24 km roundtrip drive from the bottom, twice a day!), and is the greenest option for all at only $50 (including tax) for the week.

How to find our Shuttle Bus stops. 

Grandview Gas Bar (East Vancouver)

Located on Grandview and Rupert in the parking lot of the Real Canadian Superstore,

We will be picking up and dropping off on the south side of the gas station (the side closest to Grandview) 

Real Canadian Superstore (North Vancouver) 

Located on Seymour Parkway and Seymour Blvd, Park in the south east corner of the Superstore parking lot. 

We will be picking up and dropping off just outside the parking lot on Seymour Blvd.

Parkgate Community Centre (Parkgate North Vancouver) 

Located and accessed from Mt Seymour Rd and Banff Court. 

We will be picking up and dropping off just infront of the Library. 


Shuttle Schedule:




East Vancouver (Grandview Gas Bar)

8:00 am

5:00 pm

 Real Canadian Superstore          (North Vancouver)                   

8:25 am

4:35 pm

Parkgate Community Centre

8:45 am

4:15 pm




Price (tax in)

Camp 1: July 3-6 (4 days)


Camp 2: July 09-13


Camp 3: July 16-20


Camp 4: July 23-27


Camp 5: July 30-Aug 3 


Camp 6: Aug 7-10 (4 days)


Camp 7: Aug 13-17


Camp 8: Aug 20-24



Why no more Lonsdale? 

Our reasoning for no longer going to Lonsdale is very simply based on historically low ridership and time. Last summer out of 8 weeks of camp we had 4 weeks with 5 or fewer children boarding at Lonsdale, and only one week with more than 10. While this has always surprised us, it has been the norm for the last 4 summers with some weeks where no participants come from Lonsdale. Superstore, the next stop along, then sees mostly East Vancouver residing participants (25-40 participants), and has frequent problems with parents caught in afternoon traffic for pick up, delaying and complicating the service. The logical option for our one bus, is therefore to head to East Vancouver. We sincerely apologise if this disrupts your summer plans. 


Sign In / Out Procedure

In addition to our Shuttle Bus Driver, we also have a Shuttle Supervisor on the bus at all times, and conducting our sign in/sign out procedure. For safety, children must be signed in and signed out of camp each day by an authorized person named by you in registration.