Corporate Season Passes

Mt Seymour Corporate Season Passes can be used once a day, every day, for the entire season by anyone in your business or organization. Use them for incentives, for that Friday chair meeting or for blowing off some of that corporate stress!

Corporate Rental Season Passes are also available to ensure your colleagues and staff are covered if they don't have their own equipment.

  Cost per Pass
Corporate Season Pass $1,000
Corporate Rental Season Pass $699


There are two variations of Corporate Season Passes available:


On some occasions, Mt Seymour accepts trades for Corporate Season Passes in the form of Goods and/or Services. This is assessed on an individual basis. Failure to deliver the goods by December 1 results in corporate season passes being only be available for purchase.


To request a Corporate Season Pass, please complete the form below and a Mt. Seymour Representative will contact you to confirm details.